Sunseeker Holiday Homes offer safe-cation for Holiday Parks

Roadmap out of lockdown for UK holiday parks

The government’s roadmap for ending lockdown proposes 12 April for holiday parks to re-open, yet coronavirus infection transmissions remain a grave concern, as well as being a challenge for hygiene teams.

In response an East Yorkshire static caravan manufacturer, Sunseeker Holiday Homes, has pledged to protect staff, customers and holiday makers, by commissioning Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Services.

Cicada’s chosen partner Liquid Guard®, is an award winning nano coating technology, which has proven antiviral efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 – the virus causing COVID-19.

Cicada treats all surfaces in holiday homes

Sunseeker has taken the decision to apply the coating to all high touch areas within the factory, offices and staff areas. The firm has also taken orders from customers to treat surfaces in holiday homes that are being manufactured through 2021 and beyond.

Richard Moore, Director at Sunseeker, saw the appeal for the leisure industry. He explains:

“Due to the impact of coronavirus and Brexit, staycations look set to be the trend of 2021 with 4 out of 5 Brits considering a staycation. Last year London was the most popular destination while this year holidaymakers aim to explore the whole of the UK, seeking holiday homes from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands.

“As the capital of the caravan industry, business in Hull is booming, demand for our product is huge and our order book is full, well into 2022.

However, as research suggests 1 in 3 people have COVID-19 without displaying any symptoms and we want to make the work place as safe an environment as possible.

“Like many other businesses we have brought in COVID-safe policies such as; temperature checks and hand sanitiser stations, to name just a few, and after speaking to Cicada, reading up on their case studies and our own independent research, we realised that they could really help us to enhance the levels of protection.

The perfect safe-cation

“A lot of holiday parks across the UK welcome families into self-catered accommodation. By law each property has to be 5 metres apart, which creates the perfect safe-cation. If they wish, holidaymakers can have zero contact with others outside their holiday household. Each property is thoroughly cleaned between visitors, most parks added additional cleaning procedures since the pandemic. Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Services offers another layer of protection and with recent research indicated that SARS-CoV-2 can live on live surfaces for up to 28 days, the Liquid Guard® solution that is applied by Cicada offers “full-kill” not just for COVID, but other bacterial infections as well. 

“With this in mind, Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Services has helped us to take a lead on competitors with this break-through Liquid Guard® technology that has been awarded German innovation of the year (2019).

“The nano coating forms a ‘stay clean’ layer, which provides long-term “full-kill” antimicrobial performance on all hard surfaces, for 12 months or more. It is ideal in communal ‘danger zones’ where bacteria thrives and infections spread.

“We were so impressed”

“We were so impressed that we have adopted the surface protection in our own offices and manufacturing environment to protect the workforce. This has been very well received by our staff and their families. We feel far better protected against COVID-19 and the spread of infections.”

Efficacy of Liquid Guard®

Last year, independent laboratory tests found the efficacy of Liquid Guard® against TGEV coronavirus and a host of other bacterial and viral infections including Influenza A, E.coli, MRSA, Streptococcus and Staphylococcus. Further independent tests have now confirmed the product’s anti-viral efficacy against SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19.

Noel Parkinson, Director at Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service explains:

“Our professional application service and follow up ATP testing provides clients with the ongoing confidence that surfaces are constantly protected between cleaning, in any public area. It has also been dermatologically tested, classed as ‘excellent’ in terms of compatibility with skin contact.

“This means Sunseeker will significantly reduce the chance of infection transmissions from touch surfaces for the next twelve months or more.

“Sunseeker Holiday Homes is one of many organisations to choose this innovative method of protection along with schools, offices, retail outlets, call centres and children’s nurseries. We are now providing this solution to customers across the Leisure industry.”

For further information on how Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service can work, please email or call 01482 977677.