Prep school assured by success of senior’s covid-safe measures

In partnership with Hull Collegiate School, Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service helped to safeguard the School’s community against Covid-19.

As a result of measures put in place for the Autumn term, the School had minimal cases and zero transmissions within the building, prior to Lockdown 3.0.

Building on the partnership which began August 2020, Hull Collegiate School asked Cicada to return to apply Liquid Guard® throughout the whole of the Prep School, in preparation for pupils returning to the classroom setting.

Tom Brown, Head of Marketing at Hull Collegiate School

“When pupils came back into School between September and December last year, we had minimal cases with zero transmissions within the building.”

“We have been really pleased with the success of the measures put in place to protect our community of pupils, staff and parents and we recognise that Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service has been an integral part of that.”

About Hull Collegiate School

Hull Collegiate School is a thriving 3-18 HMC co-educational day school, set in the grounds of Tranby Croft in East Yorkshire. The School is committed to bringing out the best in everyone with a carefully judged blend of support and challenge and a ‘no ceilings’ approach to what pupils can achieve. 

Covid-19 challenge within education

The last 12 months have been particularly challenging within education. Schools were set the mammoth task of transitioning pupils to remote learning and over the summer, they began assessing the safest possible way for pupils to return to school. 

Hull Collegiate first school in East Yorkshire to receive treatment

In August 2020, the leadership team at Hull Collegiate School were one of the first schools in the region to commission Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service to apply Liquid Guard®, the award winning nano coating technology*, which has proven antiviral efficacy against SARS-CoV-2 – the virus causing COVID-19.

The coating was applied across the Senior School, on all high-touch surfaces – bannisters, toilets and door handles, in order to minimise the chance of infections transmitting across the School.

Building on success at the Senior school

“As a school we are constantly assessing the risk surrounding Covid-19, and as part of that we approached Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service to treat the Senior School.

“To build on that success we asked Cicada to return to treat the whole of the Prep School. Not just the high-touch communal areas, but now the classrooms as well. We recognise that pupils in the Prep School have a different style of learning to those in the Senior School and therefore, we want to enhance the safety and protection within each classroom.

Noel Parkinson, Director of Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service

“As an early adopter of the Liquid Guard® product, Hull Collegiate have seen the benefits of our service.

“I am thrilled that they were able to report minimal cases of Covid-19 and zero transmissions, significantly limiting the time that pupils were forced to isolate and work remotely from home.”

“By applying Liquid Guard®, schools and other organisations are one step ahead of the virus and will significantly reduce the chance of infection transmissions from touch surfaces for the next twelve months or more.”

Hull Collegiate School is just one organisation that has chosen this innovative method of protection along with the motor trade, offices, retail outlets and call centres.

For further information on how Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service can work in your premises, please email or call 01482 977677.

*Cicada Antimicrobial Protection Services uses Liquid Guard® Technology (German Innovation Award Winner 2019) – a revolutionary nano coating with cell-busting antimicrobial properties.