Principal has confidence in College’s Covid-clean strategy

“I can go home feeling more confident that I have done everything I can to make sure that everybody is safe.”

Colin Peaks, Principal, Wilberforce Sixth Form College

Many schools have risen to the challenge of remote learning, yet online teaching cannot compare to the classroom experience. Therefore, schools will reopen tomorrow.

Following the application of Liquid Guard® by Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service, Wilberforce Sixth Form College can reassure staff, pupils and families that safety measures are in place to prevent the transmission of viruses and bacteria including; SARS-CoV-2 – the virus causing COVID-19.

Colin Peaks, Principal of Wilberforce Sixth Form College

“It’s been a real challenge at the College with Covid-19 and having so many students on site. We’ve had to really think about how we manage the estate as we will be bringing one and a half thousand students back to this building in a couple of week’s time. We needed to make sure that we have a system to manage that.

“Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service gives us another layer of protection that we can offer to both staff, students, parents, families and communities. Surface areas in the canteens, door handles and balustrades are all touched day in day out and if they can be protected for a period of twelve months, then that’s a fantastic solution.

“We see this as the final icing on the cake in managing the process to make sure we have a year on year trusted system that protects everybody.

“Recent government announcements state that Covid is here to stay, we have to live with it and I feel confident we will be able to manage it with this kind of process. I believe that as part of an estate management process, Cicada’s application service provides a really simple solution. So every year, this is something that I’ll come back to and I can reassure everybody that comes into this building.”

High Touch Surfaces

All high-touch surfaces at the College are coated with Liquid Guard® which provides long-term “full-kill” antimicrobial performance across hard surfaces. The nano technology is becoming a new best-practice to reduce microbial transmission, as it continuously self-disinfects for twelve months or more.

Noel Parkinson, Director of Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service

“Providing assurance that school and college communities will be protected as they come back into the classroom and in the future, is key to us returning to some sense of normality. 

“As a parent myself I share concerns about the impact of Covid on learning and the effects of social isolation. By implementing our service, Wilberforce Sixth Form will see that the benefits reach into all areas of college life for pupils, estate management, costs and ongoing hygiene processes.

“Liquid Guard® sets schools and colleges ahead of the virus and will significantly reduce the chance of infection transmissions from touch surfaces as part of established hygiene routines.”

Chosen Method

Wilberforce Sixth Form College is just one organisation that has chosen this innovative method of protection along with the motor trade, offices, retail outlets and call centres.

For further information on how Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection Service can work in your premises, please email or call 01482 977677.

*Cicada Antimicrobial protection Services uses  Liquid Guard® Technology (German Innovation Award Winner 2019) – a revolutionary nano coating with cell-busting antimicrobial properties.