Case Study: and Motordepot confidence in antimicrobial protection

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reported that 2020 was the worst year this century for new car sales. Yet demand for used and nearly new cars remained strong as forward-thinking companies such as and Motordepot, found innovative ways to keep their customers happy.

Keeping public and staff work environments continuously clean has come at enormous cost to businesses across the UK. When Matt Barrick, Operations Director at was introduced to Cicada, he quickly realised the benefit in supplementing their cleaning only approach with Cicada’s Antimicrobial Surface Protection solution (powered by Liquid Guard®)*. 

With an average showroom space in excess of 10,000 square feet at their sites, there’s a great many high touch areas such as walkways, offices and desks. Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection has been applied to all of these areas and has proven antiviral and antibacterial effectiveness against a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including; SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID19), TGEV coronavirus, Influenza A, MRSA and many others.

The product is applied as a ‘stay clean’ coating providing long-term “full-kill” antimicrobial performance on all hard surfaces. This nano coating is ideal in communal ‘danger zones’ where bacteria thrive and infections spread.

Impressed by Cicada’s nano technology and the simple one-off annual investment, Matt saw the appeal. He explains:

“The hugely negative impact of lockdown for all businesses was initially very scary. We knew customers wanted to buy cars but ensuring the safety of our staff and customers was our number one priority. We wanted to find a way to minimise the spread of infection and the science behind Cicada is current best practice to complement our cleaning procedures.

“Showrooms have been treated, including offices, kitchens, toilets and mechanics’ workshop, with a product that will ‘self-disinfect’ for at least 12 months. We feel better protected against COVID-19 and business is able to continue to operate.”

Noel Parkinson, Director at Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection explains:

“The proven benefits of antimicrobial surface coating technology provides assurances, with an extra level of protection to complement cleaning procedures, which limit the transmission of infections. By using Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection the teams at and Motordepot have significantly reduced the chance of infection transmissions from touch surfaces for the next twelve months or more.”

Motordepot and are just two organisations that have chosen this innovative method of protection along with schools, offices, retail outlets, call centres, and children’s nurseries.

For further information on how Cicada Antimicrobial Surface Protection can work in your premises, please email or call 01482 977677.

*Cicada is powered by Liquid Guard® Technology (German Innovation Award Winner 2019) – a revolutionary nano coating with cell-busting antimicrobial properties.